Montegrappa Zero Black Palladium Fountain Pen Medium


Founded in 1912, Montegrappa built a reputation for high quality and reliable pens, which saw them used by Ernest Hemingway, among many others.

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Handmade in Italy’s most advanced pen factory, the Zero combines a bold, linear look with a pleasing weight that results in an authoritative, stylish fountain pen. The barrel is matt black resin trimmed in palladium and fitted with a stainless steel nib in medium only. The pocket clip is Montegrappa’s signature ‘ruzzolino’ clip, which has been CNC-machined from stainless steel stress-tested to withstand more than 20,000 actions.

  • Material: Resin
  • Trim: Stainless Steel
  • Filling System:Converter, Cartridge
  • Included: 2 x Cartridges, Converter
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