Diamine Shimmering FP Ink – Pink Glitz


A new level of sophistication – Diamine Shimmering Inks: Uniquely Different!

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Pink Glitz is one of 22 shades of shimmering ink produced exclusively by Diamine inks and will give your handwriting a pearlescent effect that has a light catching twinkle in either gold or silver; taking handwriting to a new level of sophistication . . .

This tint is a strong pink with a gold shimmer.

The gold or silver pigment is held in suspension in these shimmering inks and you will need to shake the bottle well immediately before filling your pen. Also, it is recommended that you wash out your fountain pen more regularly to avoid the sediment build-up within your pen’s feed mechanism.

Best results are seen when used with a free flowing medium (or broader) nib.

Diamine fountain pen ink is completely non-toxic, offers free flowing excellence for your fountain pen and are one of the World’s largest colour ranges of inks too.

A secret ingredient de-stresses the writing surface and allows the nib to glide effortlessly over the page. This shimmering ink is supplied in a 50ml stylish glass bottle that’s beautifully labelled and boxed – If you fancy being subtly different, you’ll love Diamine Shimmering Inks!

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