Diamine Nib Cleaning Fluid


Specially formulated to break up stubborn blockages in pen nibs . . .

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So, you’ve just found a fountain pen in the back of the drawer thats not been near fresh ink for years and filled it from that old bottle of ink from the desk. But, despite the nib feeling OK on the paper, the ink will just not flow properly. It is therefore likely that your nib and feed is caked with dried ink and a normal flush with tepid water (and a dollop of washing up liquid) has failed to improve things.

Step in Diamine Nib Cleaning Fluid!

This 30ml bottle of nib cleaner will help to rejuvenate the ink flows of even the most stubbornly blocked pens. originally formulated to help maintain technical drawing and graphic design pens, this solution is an economically effective way to bring your pen back to life.

Usually all that’s needed is to submerge the nib directly into the solution, let it soak for a few minutes to allow the fluid to penetrate the feed, then rinse thoroughly (in more stubborn cases, fill the pen using the converter and leave for a while longer before cleaning).

Your cleaning solution will become discoloured the more you use it, but it will take many repetitive uses before the solution’s effectiveness decreases.

Supplied in an acetate packed 30ml glass bottle – Non-Toxic and safe.

Remember to use fresh ink as that old bottle in the back of the desk may well be the cause of your pen’s continued poor performance . . .

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