Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Over Fountain Pen Lava


Homo Sapiens is a stunning oversize pen from Visconti

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The barrel is made from basaltic lava from Mt. Etna in Sicily. This material has a matt dark grey finish; is virtually unbreakable, heatproof to over 100 degrees C and slightly hygroscopic; which means that it can absorb moisture from your hand. This last property in combination with the warm and surprisingly soft feel of the material means that this pen has a unique quality to the touch.

The cap has a quick-action bayonet fitting with a sprung pocket clip. All metal parts are high-quality polished bronze for superb wear properties.

The filling system is Visconti’s High Vacuum Power Filler – from the top of the barrel unscrew the blind cap and withdraw the plunger; submerge the nib fully into the ink; press the plunger back down and count to ten; remove from the ink and screw the blind cap back down; blot the nib with tissue to remove excess ink.

18 carat rose gold nib.

Supplied gift-boxed.

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