Conklin Duragraph Purple Nights Fountain Pen


A fresh modern take on the timeless oversize flat top design

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In 1923, the Duragraph model was launched and was soon considered to be ‘the definitive’ fountain pen and its name originates from the two words durable and graph and was created to last as an heirloom to serve many generation. This legacy remains today as Conklin has again produced a stunning model at a really desirable price point.

Crafted from quality hand made resins, the Duragraph is substantial in size, yet not so large to be unwieldy in the hand.

The cap top is embellished with the Conklin logo and the cap band is engraved with the famous Duragraph model script font with three Conklin Crescent logos on either side of the model name.

The pen is filled either from a bottle of ink by the supplied screw in ink converter or it will take international sized ink cartridges instead.

This ‘Purple Nights’ finish has a lustrous chrome trim, is fitted with a medium steel and gold detailed nib and is beautifully presented in a branded and sleeved presentation gift box (Fine and Stub nibs are available as a special order and the picture shows the box but not this pen model within).

New owners are invited to register their pens for the Conklin international limited lifetime guarantee.

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